Why I love Quartz watches

Quartz watches, in my opinion, are the best watches hands down! They offer you flexibility, tons of features, reliable time keeping engine, and much more. But the most important thing when it comes to this type of watch is the price. Yes, you heard it right. It’s not about the features. It’s not about the look and feel. It’s the price that makes this type of timepiece attractive.

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The differences between Quartz and Automatic watches

You might have heard about them before. Quartz watches and Automatic watches. But what exactly are they? How can you know which option is better for you? That’s what I will reveal for you today. What I’m about to show you is the differences between the two. Hopefully, you can have a better decision after reading my insights.

The first big difference between these 2 watch engines is the way they work. Quartz works based on a tiny crystal that vibrates to keep up with time. On the other hand, automatic movement works based on the movements of your wrist. If you move, it will have energy to keep on working. Read More →

Good Timex watches I love

Timex is the best watch brand in my opinion. They have a huge range of products with different styles and prices for everyone to choose from. If you or any of my friends ask me what watch brand should you buy from, I will suggest you go for Timex. And you know what, things are even better when you buy the watches from authorized resellers. They will give you many benefits that no other places could give you. Read More →

Why I love wearing digital watches

Do you love wearing a good digital watch? Do you know that among many types of mens watches, digital ones are the most popular choices? Truth is, they’re not the type of watches you can wear everywhere. You can wear them when playing sports, or going to hang out with your buddies, or even going for a date. But if you’re about to attend an important business meeting, you should not wear this type of watch. But anyway, if you came here for the tip on how to buy them, I have that for you. Read More →

Wanna buy a new bulky watch? Read this

You know what type of watch I’m talking about, right? The ones that have bulky and manly outfits that can surely attract the attentions from people around you. And when you want to go playing sports, or go to a meeting or events, you can surely wear it also. There is one thing you need to remember before buying this type of watch. And that is to always buy from the brands or sellers who have dedicated product lines for them. But where can you find them? Read More →

Little known way to buy a good dress watch

So you’re thinking about buying a new dress watch? Do you know how hard it is to pin point on a new product like that? Let me tell you, there is an endless sea of products out there. And if you’re not careful, you can easily end up with wasting your time and money on the bad deals. So how can you prevent this? Today, I will share with you what I know about this topic and hopefully, you can find it helpful.

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My best tip on buying digital watches

Buying a new digital watch will never trouble you again when you have what I’m about to share with you. But before going into the details, I want to tell you one thing. And that is when it comes to buying anything, there are always 2 sides of that matter. If you want to spend enough money to bring home a new digital watch, you need to know about the budget needed. And let me tell you, it’s not that much. Read More →

My take on buying luxury watches

Buying luxury watches is tricky. I have to say that because I want you to have a complete look and feel about the kind of troubles you’ll have to deal with if you really want to own one. But don’t be afraid. I’ve bought a few of them before. And today, I’m gonna show you how I do it. Hopefully, you will find your experience smoother down the road. But remember, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to follow it. Read More →

This is how I bought sports watches

You’re searching for the best way to buy a new sports watch? Wanna know how I do it? Read on. Truth is, sports watches are one of the best selling products among an endless sea of watches out there. The reason is because they’re very flexible. You can wear a sporty watch to any event you want and don’t have to pick a suit just to fit with it. Furthermore, the lower price range allows many other people access it. Read More →

How to buy digital watches for dad

Digital watches, in my opinion, are the easiest type of watches you can buy for your dad. They’re simply awesome! Tons of useful functions and features, great and often bulky design plus a really affordable price. What not to like about this type of watch? And now you want to buy your dad a new digital watch in his upcoming birthday? Not a problem. Here is what you should do. Read More →